The Navy had four ships named after Captain Duncan Nathaniel Ingraham (1802-1891). The first USS Ingraham DD-111 career was short lived. She was converted to a mine-layer DM-9. Later she was used for target practice and sunk in 1937. The next Ingraham DD-444 sank in a Mid-Atlantic collision with a tanker. 

The DD-694 (*) was the third ship of the name. Our ship! She did her part in WWII and earned the Navy Unit Citation for action in Okinawa and four battle stars for her service. She later received a fifth star for her service in Korea.

On 29 September 1965, Ingraham departed Newport for the Western Pacific and service in the Vietnam War, arriving on 31 October 1965 at Yokosuka, Japan. for resupply before operations in the South China Sea. Though acting as a part of the screen for the aircraft carrier Ticonderoga, she also performed fire support missions for ground troops ashore. On 12 November 1965, Ingraham steamed ten miles up the Saigon River in South Vietnam to bombard an enemy supply base, and, on 13 November 1965, shelled a Viet Cong assembly area some 300 miles (480 km)[2] from the site of her action the previous day. In early December 1965,  Ingraham  maintained regular surveillance on a Soviet  submarine  off China's Hainan Island, bordering the Gulf of Tonkin. On Christmas eve 24 December 1965 she rescued a pilot who boltered off the carrier Ticonderoga. From 1 January 1966 to 24 January, Ingraham operated with Task Force 77 off Vietnam.

Ingraham left Vietnamese waters bound for Newport on 4 February 1966 by way of the Suez Canal.

The Ingraham DD-694 was decommissioned in 1971 and transferred to the Greek Navy. She was renamed the Miaoulis D-211. She was stricken from active duty in 1992. In 2001 she was used for target practice and sunk by the Greek Navy. It took two torpedos to sink her!

The fourth and last ship to bear her name was the FFG-61, an Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate. She was decommissioned on 12 November 2014. Her last commander was CDR Dan Straub, USN. Her last homeport was Naval Station Everett, Washington. She was a member of DESRON 9.